Welcome to Hotel Wako! 


Hotel Wako is a hot spring hotel located in the Shuzenji hot springs area―Shizuoka’s oldest such area―and boasts the “Edoburo” a replica of a Edo period yuya (bath house).
Counted as one of the 100 best hot springs in Japan, the clear, colorless, and alkaloid hot springs of Shuzenji are said to make the skin more beautiful. We hope you enjoy these smooth hot springs and their positive effects.
Our dining selections are based on our philosophy of local production for local consumption, so our guests are able to enjoy the gifts of nature that are in season.
Please come and enjoy the produce of this picturesque region of Japan including wild vegetables picked in nearby mountains and fresh seafood that comes straight from Numazu Port.

■Basic Information

Name Hotel Wako
Address 1060 Shuzenji, Izu, Shizuoka 410-2416, Japan
Phone / Fax 0558-72-0380 / 0558-72-2620
Check-in / check-out 3:00pm or later / 10:00am or earlier



The main bathing area “Edoburo” is a replica of public bath houses of the Edo period.
Visitors get a feel of the chic mood of yuya at the entrance. Once inside, the space is lined with elements such as Izu stone and charred Japanese cedar,
exuding a nostalgic feel and plenty of charm. The Edozukuri style, with its unpartitioned bathing, washing, and dressing areas, is sure to spark lively conversations between visitors.

■Bathing hours: 5:00am to 12:00 midnight

Edoburo women's bathing area

Edoburo women's bathing area

Edoburo bathing area

Open-air bathing area “Koro no Yu”

TOur open-air bathing area “Koro no Yu” is a stone-lined bathing area rich with the charms of nature.
This open-air bathing area can be reserved for private groups free of charge. We take private reservations upon your arrival so please make sure to let us know at reception.

■Bathing hours: 5:00am to 12:00 midnight.
  Private reservation bathing hours: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Stone-lined bathing area for private reservation

stone-lined bathing area for private reservation

About Shuzenji hot springs

Hot spring characteristics Alkaloid, simple thermal hot-spring
Effective for Lumbar aches, muscle aches, stiff shoulders, frozen shoulder syndrome, neuralgia, joint aches, chronic digestive system disorders, hemorrhoids, motor paralysis, excessive sensitivity to cold, and atopic eczema


Japanese-style guest rooms, main building

This is an example of a 12 tatami-mat Japanese-style guest room in the main building.
Enjoy the night view of Shuzenji’s town lights.


This is an example of a guest room in traditional folk art style that features Japan-inspired details.
The room faces a connecting passageway where guests can enjoy the gentle air of Izu in its different seasons.


Front Lobby

This is the area where our guests first enter when they arrive. So we have designed it in old country house style so that our guests can feel at home here. Please feel welcome to relax here and enjoy a complimentary seasonal beverage upon your arrival.

Front Lobby

Front LobbyFront Lobby

Resting AreaResting Area

Resting Area

This resting area, surrounded by bamboo groves, is located in the annex. Please enjoy refreshing breezes and a relaxing time. The bamboo groves are illuminated at night.

Hotel Overview

Hotel facilities Guest capacity: 80 (7 Japanese-style 12 tatami-mat guest rooms in the main building, and 5 Japanese-style 10 tatami-mat guest rooms in the annex) / Banquet hall / Irori Hall (36 tatami mats) / Main bathing areas (Edoburo): 1 each for men and women / 2 bathing areas for private reservation (stone-line bathing areas for private reservation) / Shop / Parking for 20 vehicles.
Total guest rooms 12
Guest room facilities Independent air conditioning, TV, tea set, refrigerator, safe
Amenities Yukata (light cotton kimono), toothbrushing kits, hand towels, bath towels



At Hotel Wako, we offer creative Japanese-style kaiseki (dinner tray) dinners that are based on our philosophy of local production for local consumption and feature a rich range of the gifts of nature that are in season. Prepared by our chef with meticulous attention to detail, our dinners promise to be a feast for both your palate and eyes.


Special order dishes (Prices include all taxes and charges)

Live abalone grill
2,700 yen
Ise lobster sashimi
5,400 yen
Cooked red bream
3,240 yen
Red king crab legs
3,780 yen
Izu beef grilled on ceramic plate
3,780 yen
*If you wish to order a special order dish, please let us know at least 3 days in advance to ensure that we are able to purchase the ingredients for your order.


For breakfast, we offer a combination meal that is perfect for the morning and offers good nutritional balance.


Getting Here

Hotel Wako is located 3.2km (7 minutes by car) from Shuzenji station on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line. You will see our hotel as you come up the narrow road that leads up from the charming downtown of Shuzenji.

(1) Turn on to prefectural road 18, and this will take you into the shopping avenue.
(2) Make a right turn where you see the Wako sign on your right.
(3) Drive up the narrow road and turn left where you see the Wako sign.